Be active outdoors with FUN People

Join a community of adults and spend your free time escaping city life by hitting actual trails.

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Get Active Outdoors

Fun group photo while hiking

Make Friends

Group at a social happy hour drinking wine.

Be Social & Have Fun

A group of BCO members having fun on the beach with BCO spelled out with rocks

Life is too short to be stuck at home alone.

Paved sidewalks are packed and boring. Routine is not exciting.

You were designed to be active.

Be active, social, and outside with friends

a group of BCO members in the woods posing for picture during their hike.

40+ events planned for you every month

Ditch the pavement and hike or bike on actual trails in Houston when you join Bayou City Outdoors. Our calendar has pickleball, camping, travel, hiking, biking, SUP, and so much more! We even Travel together!

BCO members having fun. BCO spelled in rocks on the sand.

Make new, active friends & have fun

No more awkward conversations. When you have things in common and you're doing fun things, making new, active friends is easy!

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Be adventurous trying new activities

With access to checklists, workbooks, videos and hands on training, you will look like a pro your first time. Trying new activities is fun when others are new too and you have someone showing you exactly what to do.

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Go from binging Netflix to being active outdoors with fun people.